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Labiaplasty (also known as Labia Reduction)- is a plastic surgery frocedure for reduction and correction of women's labia minora (inner labia) and the labia majora (external labia). The result of this procedure is the acquisition of comfort as well as one’s confidence in everyday life and relationships.

Since the late 1990s labiaplasty became very popular. Frequent patients during those times were women of certain occupations – models demonstrating lingerie, bikini and tight jeans, as well as workers in adult entertainment. Certain parts of their bodies must have not only the correct anatomical form and structure, but also cause sexual and aesthetic attraction. To obtain the desired results they would resort to labiaplasty.

Nowadays, the popularity of labiaplasty in Europe is growing rapidly. Compared to 2008, in the UK the number of labiaplasty procedures saw a 70% increase, while the number of applicants continues to double annually.

Today, many women are faced with problems regarding the imperfections of their external genitalia. Many young women and even girls suffer become self conscious when they see unusual structure of their labia. This often leads to alienation from their peers and the development of psychological problems.

Modern women of the 21st century have their own style of life, own opinions about attractiveness, sexuality and beauty. They are, therefore, more bold in their decisions to change their appearance so as to achieve confidence and perfection.

The reasons leading to defects and deformations of labia minora and labia majora are:

  • genetic abnormalities,
  • injuries during childbirth,
  • lymphostasis,
  • chronic dermatitis,
  • Granulomatous disease,
  • myelodysplastic diseases,
  • masturbation,
  • systematic use of hormones (locally and internally),
  • sexual anomalies.


The indications for labiaplasty:

  • defects and deformations of inner labia and labia majora,
  • Unwelcome for the patient their shape (length, width, volume),
  • disparity of proportions between external and inner labia,
  • asymmetry,
  • dark color of the skin and mucous membrane,
  • frequent irritation and inflammation of the skin and mucous membrane,
  • discomfort when walking, wearing lingerie, bikinis and jeans,
  • lack of self-confidence and lack of sexual confidence in an intimate relationship,
  • the patient's desire to have genitalia of a perfected forms.

There are different methods of labiaplasty - reduction of hypertrophic labia, their asymmetry correction, liposuction of the pubic area. Depending on indications, a combination of these procedures is possible.

We understand that due to the nature of this procedure, this is a very sensitive issue. We would like to assure you that you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and care throughout your labiaplasty procedure.

Age: 18-75 years
Anesthesia: Local with NLA or general anaesthetic.
Operative time: 30-45 minutes. The patient goes home on the same day.
Postoperative rehabilitation: 4-6 days.
Recommendations: labia hygene 3-4 times a day with an antiseptic solution, abstinence from sexual activity upto 6 weeks.
Postoperative examination by the surgeon in 6-7 days and then 1 time per month for a year.
Cost of the procedure is determined during consultation.


What is important to consider

  • Labiaplasty must be discussed in detail alone with the patient in confidentiality.
  • Patients's motives which led her to this procedure must be made clear. Following the examination by the surgeon, the patient must be told exactly what to expect in her case.
  • The operation must be carried out at least 10 days prior to patient's periods or a week after.
  • The patient must quit smoking 1-2 months prior to the labiaplasty procedure.
  • This procedure must be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who knows the anatomy and function of the sexual area.


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