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Meet Dr. Karine Karapetian

Dr. Karine Karapetian (MD, PhD) is a board certified plastic-reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon with 30 years of experience in Plastic Surgery.

Over the years Dr Karine Karapetian has performed over 9000 operations in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. She has built a reputation of a female plastic surgeon who is approached by patients who value excellence, perfectionism, after-care and individuality. She is particularly proud of her stunning results, and an immeasurable list of satisfied patients. She has operated many actors and celebrities.

Dr Karine Karapetian was born in Armenia and received her medical degree in 1976 from Yerevan State Medical University. She then proceeded with further training in general surgery in Yerevan and Moscow for 5 years, but her interests and mind were already set on the then little-known, newly emerging but already controversial field of Plastic Surgery.

Inspired by her conviction that Surgery and Beauty don’t need to be alien from each other, young Dr Karina Karapetian headed for St Petersburg and then Moscow, where she found like-minded young surgeons who would later establish themselves as the titans of plastic surgery in Russia, post-Soviet republics, Israel, Germany and California. Thus, in 1981 Dr Karapetian started her specialist training in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at the CSRIS (Central Scientific Research Institute of Surgical-Stomatology) of the USSR, which is still reputed as the birthplace and cradle of Russian plastic and reconstructive surgery. While training under demanding Soviet standards and being the disciple of the legendary pioneers of Russian plastic-reconstructive surgery, she obtained the type of knowledge and extensive surgical skills that are quite seldom among contemporary Western-European plastic surgeons.

In 1988 she completed her doctoral research on the theme of “Surgical Removal of Residual Defects and Deformations of Alveolar Process of the Upper Maxilla of patients after Chiloplasty and Uranoplasty” and received her PhD. By this time she was a Consultant at the CSRIS and the Chief of the Rehabilitation Section.

Dr Karapetian holds patents for 2 invented practical methods of reconstructive surgery deducted from the research conducted toward her PhD thesis. Later on, she used to mentor and lecture young and up-and-coming plastic surgeons of Russia on her new innovative methods. She has also published numerous scientific works in leading Soviet and Greek medical journals.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Dr Karapetian moved to Greece in 1992. She had to learn a new language and prove her surgical knowledge to Greek authorities again, which she did. She took her second Specialist Training in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery in Athens, thus bringing her knowledge in tune with the European standards and working closely with prominent Greek pioneers of plastic surgery.

Dr Karapetian is board certified by the Hellenic Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. She is also a member of the Hellenic Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (He.S.P.R.A.S.).

Since then Dr Karapetian opened her own private practice in the most luxurious and respectable coastline area in Athens. Given her immense experience, she is able to develop a highly personalised and individually tailored treatment to meet particular cases and needs. She continues to remain on the "cutting edge" of cosmetic surgical procedures and prefers to use only the highest quality and tried-and-tested materials, instruments and methods. She now performs predominantly Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgeries at the Metropolitan Hospital in Athens, which is famous for its cutting edge technology, excellent facilities, high standards and impeccable service.

In addition, Dr Karapetian has been a consultant plastic surgeon for the leading cosmetic surgery provider in Ireland (operating in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast). She has also worked in various countries of the Middle East. Dr Karapetian is registered with Attiki Medical Association (Greece), and was also registered with the Medical Council (Ireland).

A gifted pianist since early childhood and a painter, Dr Karapetian approaches her plastic surgeries with the sense of aesthetics that only a refined artist will have. She combines her aesthetic skills with the artistic sense of harmony, beauty, excellence and perfectionism. Her being a female plastic surgeon adds to this sensibility and many patients particularly value this rarity.