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Ear Correction (Otoplasty)

Before and After Ear Reshaping OtoplastyEar correction or, otoplasty, is one of the commonly held and safe cosmetic surgeries for both genders, and for both children and adults alike.

Droopy looking ears, “pointed ears”, posttraumatic deformities of ears, ear lobes of irregular shapes are often ridiculed by others and become the cause for low self-esteem. Otoplasty allows you to change the size, shape and position of the ears.

Otoplasty procedure is performed on the ear skin and cartilage tissues. The incision is carried behind the ears.

Age: 6-50

Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesic in combination with intravenous neuroleptoanalgesia.

Duration: 30-45 minutes.

Postoperative recovery:

  • After the surgery, the patient goes home with a special bandage.
  • Special bandages must be worn for 7-10 days.
  • Sutures are removed 8-10 days later.
  • Dynamic observation once a week for 3 months.
  • The patient is able to return for work 5-7 days after otoplasty.

Price: the pricing for this operation is determined during the consultation. During the consultations the size, shape and the position of ears, their symmetry and the type of defect or deformation, is determined. On the basis of these the surgeon determines the technique of otoplasty that would be most appropriate to the individual patient.

What is important to consider?

  • Individually tailored surgical technique.
  • The postoperative result should look natural, rather than as though “operated on”.
  • This operation should conducted by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in children's surgery, since oftentimes otoplasty patients are children 6 years of age and upwards.

Otoplasty Reviews & Testimonials

Panayotis (25) - Pireus

I had otoplasty, which was highly successful because it was performed by Mrs. Karapetian! I believe that she has the best surgical skills. So far all went well, thank God and then Mrs. Karapetian! I recommend her. She also does good prices.

Questions & Answers: 

Otoplasty and earlobes correction are performed under local anesthesia. During the operation the ear tissues "swell" due to the local anesthetic and therefore the angle of the ear lobe changes slightly. Simultaneous otoplasty and earlobe correction is possible. However, it is advisable to perform earlobe correction as a second stage after otoplasty, once the healing and scarring occur. The degree of the necessary earlobe correction is better determined 6-8 months after otoplasty. Performing separate operations guarantees a better result.