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Lip Enhancement (Cheiloplasty)

Chelioplasty - Plastic surgery on lipsLips are a symbol of female sensuality, attractiveness, youth and sex appeal. After all what can look more irresistible than naturally-looking irresistibly-shaped full lips with well defined contours? It is that part of the face, which, with perfection of its form, instantly attracts the attention of others. Beautiful lips add charm to the smile and make one’s face more attractive, dazzling and younger.

Patients resort to aesthetic correction of the lips for different reasons: flattened and thin lips, thick and double lips, highly positioned upper lip that exposes teeth and gums, lip asymmetry, or simply – lips with tiny or deep wrinkles from aging or smoking.

Lip Enlargement can be achieved by either of the following ways:

  1. Lip Surgery
  2. Fat grafts
  3. Dermal fat grafts: Utilizing dermis and underlying fat to develop a pleasing enlargement.
  4. Permanent Implants
  5. Collagen injections (or different fillers) lasting approximately 3-4 months

A serious reconstructive surgery is needed in cases of more serious pathologies, such as congenital cleft lip, posttraumatic defects and deformations of the lips, post-burn mikrostoma and scars, as well as lip tumours.

Each of these cases requires its individual surgical approach.

The classic method of aesthetic correction of the lips is to increase their volume and change the shape of "Cupid's line" by using own tissues (mucosa, muscle or adipose tissue area). The advantage of this operation over non-surgical injections, is that it is "for life", and one does not need to worry about allergic reactions, or resorption of different injected polymers and "foreign bodies".

In some cases, alternative methods of lip correction are laser therapy or non-surgical treatments through various injections.

Age: 18-70

Duration: 20min-1hr.

Postoperative recovery:

  • the patient is able to go home 1 hour after the operation.
  • special bandages must be worn on the lips for 5 days
  • It is recommended that active lip movements are restricted for 7 days
  • Sutures are removed in 5-7 days
  • The patient is able to return for work 1 day after surgery.

Price: The pricing for this operation is determined during the consultation. The surgeon will examine the anatomy and function of the patient’s lips, facial expressions during the conversation, the extent of the defect, deformations, or the aesthetic imperfections. Based on these, selection of any of the existing methods is made only on individual basis.

What is important to consider?

  • With an increasingly widespread introduction of injections for lip correction, the surgical technique is practiced relatively infrequently. Therefore, for successful cheiloplasty it is highly recommended that one turns to a plastic surgeon who has conducted a large number of cheiloplasty procedures, with extensive skills in Maxillofacial Surgery.


Questions & Answers: 

Yes, I use permalip implants depending on the case, as well as other fillers.