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How to choose your plastic surgeon?

How to choose correctly who will be your plastic surgeon? This question should be the most important one for any patient who has decided to undergo a plastic surgery.

Active development of plastic surgery around the world began during the 20th century and quickly moved forward. In modern society plastic surgery is one of the most prestigious, popular and "trendy" professions in medicine. This factor prompted the desire of many surgeons to choose this career path. However, one must not forget that precisely this profession of surgeons is not only complex, but also creative. Education and training in plastic surgery lasts for decades, not counting the time it takes for gaining the sufficient practical experience and skills necessary for delivering the best results.

This specialty requires a doctor's calling, talent, dedication, responsibility and humanity. In many ways surgeon’s creation is a reflection of his/her soul, spirituality, as well as surgical skill.

In the 21st century tens of thousands of plastic surgeons worldwide create masterpieces of face and body, making the impossible possible.

So, how do you choose who is your surgeon, whom you can entrust your beauty and health?

Though often produced for reasons of self-advertisement and PR, the websites of plastic surgeons often contain information that may help you find initial answers to your question. You can learn about the many doctors, about their activities, work experience and results.

What to look for…

While reading the websites of various Plastic Surgeons, focus your attention on:

  • Where did he receive his specialist training of plastic surgery? Who were his teachers and mentors?
  • Is your plastic surgeon board certified?
  • Being on Specialist Register of professional bodies such as General Medical Council (UK) or Medical Council (Ireland) is also an advantage as it demonstrates international recognition.
  • Does your plastic surgeon have professional experience of at least 15-20 years?
  • Has your plastic surgeon performed more than 7000 operations?
  • Does your plastic surgeon have experience or even specialist training in other surgical fields?
  • Has he/she practiced in more than one country?
  • Does he/she have a Research Title like a PhD? Does he/she have a history of scientific research and academic publications?
  • Does his/her approach to the patients have any special features? (i.e. individually tailored treatments, exclusivity, dynamic observation, individual aftercare and so forth)
  • Does the surgeon practice in a reputable and well-equipped hospital?
  • Last but not least, what are your plastic surgeon’s character, culture and hobbies?

Trust your intuition when deciding which plastic surgeon to contact.

The atmosphere during the consultation should be calm, trusting and friendly, so that you can ask questions in your native language.

Surgeon’s personality is also important – one must pay attention to surgeon’s intellect, sincerity, honesty, and even manners.

Choosing your plastic surgeon is not for the operation alone. You’re choosing a surgeon, with whom you will have frequent meetings, conversations and frank questions. In choosing a surgeon who will be treating you, you’re also choosing a source of goodwill and positive energy.

All these factors will help you find the right plastic surgeon – one you can safely trust, which is important for your swift recovery and satisfying results.

Why choose Dr. Karen Karapetian as your plastic surgeon?

  1. More than 30 years of surgical experience, along with research activities.
    More than 9000 plastic surgeries conducted.
  2. Not one, but two Specialist Trainings
    *  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and 
    *  Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
    which extends the scope of surgical interventions and the skills required with some of the more difficult and delicate procedures (such as rhinoplasty or facelift).
  3. Scientific approach. Dr Karapetian has been engaged in research activities since 1980. She has published several research articles; lectured and taught young plastic surgeons in different countries. She is constantly studying the achievements in plastic surgery worldwide. She regularly attends international conferences and symposia which allow her practical activities and technique to be kept up to date with international standards.
  4. International recognition. She has practiced in various countries around the world - the Soviet Union and Russia (Moscow), Greece (Athens, Corfu), United Kingdom (more than 30 public hospitals in 22 cities), Ireland (Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway), Middle East countries (the UAE, Syria, Lebanon). Constant professional communication and exchange of experience with the leading plastic surgeons around the world add to the skills of Dr. Karine Karapetian.
  5. Individual approach and individually tailored treatment. Every patient is an individual and therefore deserves an individually tailored method of treatment. Dr. Karine Karapetian is guided by this principle, as it plays a very important role in her work.
    Her experience of interacting with people from different countries allows her to easily establish contact and trust with the patient. This helps the patient to express their concerns and desires more openly.
  6. Female plastic surgeon - this has several advantages for many patients.
  7. Language. It is very important to consult and to be operated by a plastic surgeon who is fluent in your native language. This allows the patient to freely ask questions, explain the problem at hand, to express their desires, doubts and get answers in their native language.
    Dr. Karine Karapetian is fluent in 4 languages: Russian, Greek, English and Armenian.
  8. Dynamic observation. The consultation, surgery, bandaging, and further regular follow ups during the postoperative period (months or years) is conducted by Dr. Karine Karapetian herself. This is not practiced in centers of plastic surgery.
    She believes that work conducted with thoroughness, immense responsibility and attention to patients leads to the desired and optimal result.
  9. "Metropolitan" Hospital - one of the best private hospitals in Athens. It is equipped with the latest technologies that facilitate conducting of sophisticated plastic surgery procedures.
    Dr Karapetian’s team includes an anaesthesiologist with more than 30 years of experience, who is very knowledgeable and trustworthy in the conduct of plastic operations.
    The Metropolitan hospital will provide you with full comfort and service at a high level before and after surgery. During your stay in Metropolitan hospital the postoperative care, treatment and observation is provided by experienced doctors and highly trained medical personnel.
  10. The results obtained by the plastic surgeon speak for themselves.
  11. Thoughtful and responsible attitude to each patient, the correct selection of the surgical method, the creation of individual beauty by feminine intuition and a brilliant technique of a highly skilled plastic surgeon - are the main criteria for the work of Dr. Karen Karapetian, which guarantee a perfect result.

We hope that the above factors will help you in choosing Dr. K. Karapetian as your plastic surgeon.