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Brow Lift

Brow Lift. Before and AfterBrow lift is a fairly common and safe procedure to remove the signs of aging in the upper zone of the face for both men and women.

With age the droopiness of the upper eyelids and eyebrows, as well as a lot of wrinkles around the eyes and near the temple, begin to show.  One's face begins to look increasingly tired and sad.

Brow-Lift eliminates wrinkles, lifts eyebrows and the upper eyelids, which gives a rejuvenated, fresh look and confident gaze.

There are basically two methods of brow lift with variations: the classic or "Open brow lift", and the Endoscopic blow lift.

If required, brow lift can be performed in conjunction with the eyelid surgery and face lift.

Age: 35-70 years.

Anaesthesia: Local anaesthetic with intravenous neuroleptoanalgesia.

Duration: 45min - 1hr.

The recovery:

  • After the surgery, the patient is able to go home with a special bandage on her/his head 2 hours after the operation.
  • Necessary to wear special headbands from 7-8 days.
  • Sutures are removed in 10-12 days.
  • Ability to return for work after 1 week.

Price: Pricing for the operation is determined during the consultation.

During the consultation the optimum method for the brow lift is determined, while taking into account the signs of aging skin and of the underlying tissues, as well as the pattern of wrinkles and the location of the eyebrows of a given patient.  Also, if required, the question of whether the brow lift should be accompanied with eyelid surgery and/or face lift, is determined.

Things to consider

  • The patient needs to quit smoking 1-2 months prior to the surgery for better blood supply and rapid healing.
  • Possible postoperative scars within the scalp.
  • The surgeon must accurately determine the optimal "design" of the upper face area, the symmetry of eyelids, eyebrows and temple regions, as well as posess extensive knowledge of the endoscopic surgical technique.
Questions & Answers: 

Thank you for inquiry. From what you are describing a correction is possible, although not through a simple blepharoplasty, but with the use of tarsoplasty and/or browlift. Given your young age you need a well done operation with a result lasting for a lifetime. Of course, I would need to see you and examine your eyelids and eyebrow, so as to give you a more precise advise regarding the methodology as well as the cost. Please do get in touch so as to set up an appointment.

The procedure is a variant of forehead lift with browlift, which can cost from 4000 euros, though a more precise cost would be determined during the consultation.
Given the anatomical limitations and the quality of skin due to your very young age, I would not recommended this procedure.
Another possibility is to conduct a "mini-browlift" with incision at the upper boundaries of the brows, which can create the shape that you desire. The cost would be from 1000 euros, but then again I would need to see you in order to carry out a thorough examination.

During the browlift procedure the temple area of the eyebrows and upper eyelids is tightened. Thus one's eyes may look more open, but the shape of the eye does not change.
In order to change the shape of the eyes one needs another procedure called blepharoplasty.