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Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

Breast LiftAfter pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or simply with age, breast skin tends to lose its elasticity.  This often results in “hanging” breasts, and reduction in their volume, tone and elasticity.  Oftentimes, the location of areola may also change, and the nipples may be pointing downwards.  This is often a cause for a diminished self-confidence for many females.

Mastopexy (or breast lift, or breast uplift) is a procedure aimed at changing the size, length and position of the breasts. By removing the excess skin, it consequently uplifts the breasts, while giving them a fuller shape and more youthful and esteemed bustline. Breast uplift may also be used to change the size and position of the areola.

There are various methods of mastopexy, each suiting a given patient’s case.

Oftentimes, patients choose to have breast lift accompanied with breast enlargement with silicone implants, in order to achieve a more expressive and firmer bustline.

Age: 20-55 years

Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia.

Duration of surgery: 2-3 hours.

Postoperative recovery after breast lift:

  • The patient remains in hospital 1 night after surgery.
  • Must wear a special supportive bra for 1-1.5 months.
  • Sutures are removed 10-12 days later.
  • Dynamic observation once a week for the first 2 months and, later, 1-2 times throughout the year.
  • Rehabilitation in 1-2 weeks.


Price: Because each case is different, the price of breast uplift operation is determined during the consultation.

It is generally advisable that you consult a plastic surgeon with extensive experience.  Only an experienced consultant surgeon can advise whether this procedure is appropriate in case of each woman.  Furthermore, different patients and different surgeons have their own views on the change in volume, shape, height and position of the breasts.  It is therefore important to discuss these nuances in detail during the consultation after the examination and measurements of body proportions and breasts.

In determining the methods to be used, plastic surgeon must take into account the patient's age, condition of skin, fat tissue, the contours of the body and the degree of breasts’ droopiness.  Preoperative marking of the breasts is one of the important points in achievement of optimal results.

It is also important to discuss and warn about possible scarring (this often depends on the method of operation). Costs of this procedure depend on the methods used, duration of operation and the number of days spent in hospital.


Things to consider

Mastopexy is a serious and responsible operation. Optimal result depends on the following factors:

  • the patient, preparing herself for this operation should quit smoking 2 months prior to the surgery,
  • accurate selection of a special supportive bra to be worn during the postoperative period,
  • individual operating techniques of a given surgeon,
  • successful mastopexy can be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon with extensive experience of conducting mastopexy.
Questions & Answers: 

Yes, I do. I have done these for more than 20 years.

Yes, of course I perform Breast Reduction surgery for women.

You can have either a breast uplift or breast augmentation; or you can combine both operations simultaneously. However, because each case varies, a more precise answer can be determined only after an examination of your breasts during the consultation.

For a more serious approach to health concerns the establishment of hormonal and metabolic rate is necessary. Therefore, it is desirable to wait 1-1.5 years after birth-giving. It is also desirable that the silicone implant is introduced not in the mammary gland itself, but under the pectoral muscle, so as to avoid injury of the mammary gland which is a hormonal organ.