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At some point in a woman's life there comes a time when she begins to realize that a larger segment of her life's journey is over... The energy is the same, the attitude is the same, thoughts and plans are even bolder! But 50 years of age is not the same as being 25 years old ... The reflection in the mirror of an old-person instantly deprives you of confidence and optimism.

I've been searching for a plastic surgeon for a long time because I wanted the surgeon to be a woman. A friend of mine, who had a procedure done by Dr Karapetian few years ago, advised that I meet her. During our first meeting at the consultation, I began to fully trust this doctor. But after surgery I was really stunned by how excellent the results were.

My doctor has changed not only my appearance, but also inspired and "reanimated" my soul! Thank you very much for your patience, for sincerity, for the opportunity to live a fulfilling life!