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Questions & Answers - Laser

Prior to any procedure following labor one should wait 1-1.5 years until full recovery in the tone of abdominal muscles, subcutaneous tissue and the skin itself. Following that, the method of treatment is determined during the examination. There are a variety of available methods that can help achieve the desired results: mesotherapy, laser therapy and/or surgery. Because there are many factors that vary from case to case, all of the nuances and the correct choice of treatment is determined by the plastic surgeon during the examination; and that is also why the cost also varies greatly - from 500 euros.

In order to determine the correct method of tattoo or scar removal, the surgeon must first ascertain the nature of the tattoo or scar. If the tattoo (or the scar) is superficial (not too deep), then laser therapy is recommended, which can take 2-3 stages. One must be aware that a faint image of the previous tattoo or scar still remains after such laser treatment. In case of scars they become softer and almost invisible.
In case of the surgical removal of tattoos or scars, if its width is not more than 1cm, then it can be removed in one stage. If, however, the scar or the tattoo is larger than 1cm, then it is recommended that a second surgical removal takes place with an interval of 6 months - 1 year.
In cases of large scars or tattoos (more than 10cm wide) plastic surgeons use subcutaneous silicone expanders in order to stretch the skin below and around the scar or tattoo for 2-3 months. This method later enables the removal of the scar or tattoo deformations by replacing it with patient's own skin.