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Questions & Answers - Κοιλιοπλαστική

You can get pregnant after abdominoplasty. But the development of pregnancy (uterine expansions inside uterine and all tissues of abdominal wall) will be complicated and even dangerous. This is because a full abdominoplasty removes excess skin and fat tissue, the position of the navel changes and the rectus abdominis is stitched. On this basis, any abdominoplasty should be done only following the pregnancy and 1-1.5 years after it.

Prior to any procedure following labor one should wait 1-1.5 years until full recovery in the tone of abdominal muscles, subcutaneous tissue and the skin itself. Following that, the method of treatment is determined during the examination. There are a variety of available methods that can help achieve the desired results: mesotherapy, laser therapy and/or surgery. Because there are many factors that vary from case to case, all of the nuances and the correct choice of treatment is determined by the plastic surgeon during the examination; and that is also why the cost also varies greatly - from 500 euros.