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Questions & Answers - Ανόρθωση λαιμού

Dear Katie,
I'd be glad to help you, as many foreign patients choose me for plastic surgery procedures, and thus, travel to Athens. To start with, please telephone me and we can talk about your case in more detail and I'll tell you my e-mail address so that you can forward your photos. If you have Skype, we can even hold a Skype consultation. Once I see you, I'll be able to determine the cost of the revision neck lift procedure that you require.
It is very likely that the overall cost of neck lift revision, including the cost of travel and accommodation, will work out to be cheaper than doing the said procedure in your country. But as I said, we have to talk these things through in more detail.

You did not fully describe what it is that you are not satisfied with. But any revision cosmetic surgery is recommended only one year after the original procedure.

Having a neck-lift at such an age is not recommended. However, if it worries you too much then it may be possible to smooth the outlines of the wrinkles with the use of laser or injections.